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I am among the damned

I wrote 1200 words of NaNo, then turned my attention (such as it is) to the smut_69 table of Tradition & Protocol-universe ficlets I've been writing. None of which I can post, because not only do they spoil the first part (almost ready to post), they also spoil the second part (half-written in first draft form), and the third (exists as a vague outline and scattered scenes).

I hate my subconscious sometimes. Why can't it want to work on what I need it to?

They are strangely useful as character sketches for the story as a whole, though I have not been particularly successful at making them actually smutty. So useful, in fact, that I might take a non-smut-ish table of drabble prompts and write them as exercises for the big Still Untitled NaNo Story.
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