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Another millstone

Milestone, another milestone reached.

40142 / 50000

Completely pointless factoid: the official NaNoWriMo word counter gives me word counts identical to those from the unix wc utility, which makes me suspect they implemented it using wc. And you know, why the hell not? BBEdit's word counter reports about 150 over that count; probably it has a more generous list of word boundary tokens. Or something.

Most of the words were late in the novel, during the very last section. Set in mumble, a place I have never been and am therefore nervous about setting anything in. They move on to grrble next, which I feel better about getting right. Also, I spent some time in the first section increasing the level of character torture a bunch. Which was painful to write, but I think was necessary.

I can now switch over to the holiday project without worry. I want to have that finished early next week, like Wednesday at the latest. Then, CYA, which acronym I persist in misreading.
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