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Duty-cycle of the up pulse

"The duty-cycle of that up pulse will determine the timbre of the click." What one of my officemates said over the phone today, to another coworker.

I'm home now, and my week off begins right this instant, with the kitten ecstatically purring as she chews on me. So! What should I write tonight, on this my first day of not needing to go to sleep at any sane time?

Vote, please:
Poll #870317 How should antenna waste time next?

Which story should I work on tonight, oh night owls?

The one about how Giles & Ethan met and got together, just before "Breaking Glass" and in the universe of the NaNoWriMo story.
The Giles/Buffy NaNoWriMo novel needs to hit 40K words; weren't you in the middle of a bit of h/c there?
The holiday project.
Oh, please.
Ticky box!

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