BT client tip

Tip to my fellow Macintosh users: XTorrent just released public beta 2. Looks sweet, with some nice user interface improvements. And as before, a bug quality level that means it's actually beta, as opposed to alpha. (Checking for updates in the beta 1 client won't report this new beta, so you gotta go download again.)

And I've used my pc/mac icon twice in one day.
Can I just say how much I <3 being a fellow macintosh user? Because I do. *hugs Serenity the Macintosh*

I am somewhat drunk right now but this is still true when I am sober.

I heartily approve of a) being drunk, because I am too right now thanks to some enthusiastic dining with husband at a restaurant where we're now weekly regulars, and b) being a Macintosh user, 'cause it's cool.