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Writing update

nemaihne is dragging me to my first NaNoWriMo "write in" tonight. This will not involve folk songs, flowers, or chanting while holding "peace now" signs. Instead, it will involve people drinking coffee and typing on laptops. It's at Peet's, and I like Peet's, so I will probably over-caffeinate myself.

My pace has been very slow for the last few days. I just barely cracked 35K words last night.

Kitten went to the vet again today, for 2nd round of vaccinations. She hated that. There were stern mews of outrage from the cat carrier during the drive over & back, and an exasperated wet sneeze after she got the up-the-nose vaccine. (I forget which one that was.) Then we arrived home, and it was as if it had never happened. Time to chase the dogs!

She has a new habit. She has been raiding my stuffie stash, extracting one, and then carrying it through the house to attack. Or dragging it, in the case of the larger stuffies. She first picked on a raccoon stuffie that was about her size, but has since moved on to a fox that's definitely larger. It's an absurd sight! She sinks her teeth into them and kicks. I've seen her try that with the dogs, too.

Later: Now home from the write-in, which was basically almost exactly like meeting S at the cafe on our own, and over-caffeinating. Only it was San Mateo, so parking was a PITA. I mean, parking in downtown Palo Alto is easier, and you don't have to pay for it. Sheesh. I forgot to introduce myself to anybody else doing the write-in. The nerd factor was high. Oops. I did get two plastic ninjas, though. The green one is Giles and the yellow one is Buffy.

Don't ask.

36K words, and I should be able to spend another hour or two writing before bedtime tonight. I remain well ahead of the pace:

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