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A frivolous snippet

This occurred to me just now. Spoilers for The Adventure of the Displaced Watcher.

"I don't suppose you could have chosen a more interesting sporting event to tip us off about, Rupert."

"I beg your pardon?"

"The, what were they, ah yes, the New York Yankees had won two World Series titles coming into 2000. The bookmakers gave us dismal odds, even when we placed bets before the season. Las Vegas odds were only seven to five. Really, you ought to have had a more remunerative sports score in mind. We're always seeking investment opportunities, as you know."

"I ought not to have given you any scores at all, you venal load of do-nothing, tweed-wearing, paper-pushers! You complete pillocks! She's facing apocalypse and you lot can't be arsed to stir yourselves out of your bloody useless archives! I ought to--"

"Thank you, Rupert. That will be all. Nigel, would you show Mr Giles where the door is? Get Jerry in to help if you need more muscle. Right, then."
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