Cool! I've always wanted to take one of Edward Tufte's courses, and at long last I have signed up for one. Next month I'll get to listen to him talk about information design. And I'll get a copy of his new book. (And coincidentally copies of his older books as well. My copy of The Visual Display of Quantitative Information has been AWOL for about a decade.)

This is me being nerdy about the other aspect of my profession. There is the implementation of the software, but there is also the design of its user interface.
Oh, I'm jealous! He is so cool. I love his piece about the evils of Power Point.
Oh, god, yes. I circulated that one around the office when it came out. There was much hilarity.
How fascinating. I read the intro to the book you linked to. I had no idea about this, haven't come across it in my eclectic reading. Must find out more. I want to see the analysis of the various examples in the book. Love that sort of stuff.
Tufte is great. He's a huge name in information design, and wonderfully opinionated. He self-publishes his books because he's maniacal about the typography.

After reading him, you'll look at charts and graphs in magazines & newspapers with a new perspective. They'll make you grumpy, and you'll mutter "chartjunk" under your breath a lot.