Giles/Xander young

The planning process

I was thinking about what I'll be able to do with my week off next week. The priority list goes like this:

- Write my CYA story (due Dec 1; detailed outline exists).
- Finish holiday project.
- Finish 50K words for NaNoWriMo (probably will be at 40K at the start).
- Start work on story for G/X ficathon (due Dec 12; have expended 0 thought on it, but the assignment is nice).
- Finish revisions to Tradition & Protocol part 1; see if my beta reader agrees that I've fixed the problem that prompted the new draft.
- Think about drunken!Giles ficathon story.

What I will probably do:
- Finish holiday project.
- Work on the smut_69 prompt table ficlets I've been writing in the universe of T&P.
- Hit 50K on NaNo.
- Eat too much of nemaihne's turkey.

And then at the end of the week panic about CYA. Sounds like a plan, huh?
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Glad to hear you're willing to do your part to mitigate my cooking excesses! I thank you and the husband DEFINITELY thanks you.
What is T&P, she asks niavely. (Then spends way too long trying to decide if a question mark is deserved- and if so, at the clause or the sentence end.)
T&P is Tradition & Protocol, the story you are likely to join my husband in hating greatly. Part 1 will be unleashed upon the world in December, I think.