Oh noes! Which Buffy character am I?

Heh. But I wanted to be mumble!
Rupert Giles
81% amorality, 27% passion, 63% spirituality, 63% selflessness
Utterly calm and resolute in the face of danger, utterly devoted to his loved ones and comrades in arms, and utterly willing to do what is necessary to ensure that good overcomes evil. Giles knows the score, he knows that sometimes virtue relies on good men getting a little messy, and he's willing to take that on himself, largely so that others don't have to.
You might share some of that.
You most closely resemble one of the most popular heroes in the Buffy universe.


My test tracked 4 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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You scored higher than 99% on morality
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You scored higher than 99% on repose
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You scored higher than 99% on spirituality
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You scored higher than 99% on selflessness

"You are a glowing ball of green whining energy."

I think it's the amorality that pegs a person as Giles or not. And I bet a tendency toward self-sacrifice would correlate with Buffy.
It's some combination of factors, obviously, because I scored pretty high on amorality, too. (Obviously, it's the glowing and the whining that made me Dawn. My hair's not even shiny!)
I really shouldn't admit to this, 'cos I'm sure it'll cause a mass de-friending, lol but...


63% amorality, 36% passion, 54% spirituality, 9% selflessness


Do not be fooled by his rough exterior; Adam was much deeper than most have given him credit for. Like most, he sought answers to the harder questions of existence: who am I? what is my purpose? You might ask those same questions, yourself.

Like Adam, you're calm, and dispassionately work to achieve your ends.

Also, you may just have a nuclear core.


Yup! the one the quiz warned about, I am *le sigh*

Well, I retook it and got Tara, which seems much more accurate to me. I wonder what I answered differently? There are so many where I wanted to be like "but it depends!"
Okay, Tara I can cope with. Adam? OMG. "You are the most boring Season Baddie ever on Buffy, less scary than even the Master, more tedious than even Riley Finn. You are a half-digested agglomeration of pieces from dead demons and SF/horror classics read by the series writers when they were in college. You will die anticlimatically after failing to splatter Finn, which would have at least redeemed you in the eyes of the fans."
I'm Dawn. I don't wanna be Dawn. How could I be Dawn? What the heck do I have in common with Dawn. I'm the older sister in my family and I've never tried to bring anyone back from the dead. I don't whine nor do I hang out with the creepy guy that's hitting on my sister.
Stupid test...grr...
Are you by any chance secretly a key that opens a pan-dimensional portal? Have you had any trouble with glowing green at awkward moments?
Hmm...I dunno about the first thing. It could be a possibility, but nothing glowing green. I would remember that. I think. Maybe...
well, that's kinda a surprise....
Tara? Me? Huh?
"Tara Maclay
45% amorality, 45% passion, 72% spirituality, 54% selflessness
What a woman! (Or man, as it may be...)
Tara is a moral, centered, spiritual and selfless person... rather, I suspect, like you. People like this make those around them love them."


I do not understand what it means to be 45% amoral. Does it then follow that I am 46% selfish? 28% agnostic? 55% Vulcan? Hmm.

So what's with scoring higher than 99% of those of my age and gender on morality, repose, spirituality, and selflessness? Clearly only two other women born in 1963 have taken this test and they are currently serving time for minor felonies in Nebraska or something. I am highly sceptical of the statistical formula used to generate these results.

As Mr. Twain so aptly remarked, "There's lies, damn lies, and statistics."

I must say that I like the picture of Tara that they have for the character presentation, though. Much better than many of the publicity stills of her that I've seen. And for the record, let me just say that Willow would drive me completely out of my tree and I'd never put up with her level of self-absorbtion and whininess.

I think I'll just keep the test where I was Jean-Luc Picard. I liked that one. Made me happy. This one doesn't make me unhappy exactly, just a bit baffled by the testing algorithm and therefore suspicious of the results. I would rather be Oz, for instance.
Re: well, that's kinda a surprise....
I'm not surprised. The person that shines out of "The Bird Bone Flute" is just exactly like that.

And I have no idea what their stats mean, either.
I dunno what everyone else is whining about.
I came up as Faith.
Guh! ::headdesk::
I came up as Adam. I'm not surprised, but I was hoping for Ethan. At least Ethan had panache. Adam just had spare parts. Damn.