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The daily report

My kitten just destroyed the P key on my laptop. She did the X key a few days ago. I can type them, but the key caps do not lie flat, and the keys must be pounded. She attacked them quite deliberately. You can't be mad at a kitten, really, though I had been working to teach her to stay away from the laptop, by dint of tossing her away every time she got near it. Sigh.

I have now repaired the keyboard. Took off a third keycap to examine how the two swiveling plastic pieces are supposed to go together, and then rehooked up the two kitten-disassembled ones to match. Phew. Working keyboard. I can now repair any Macbook or Macbook Pro keycaps problem you care to bring to me.

Drank a quart of orange juice last night. Slept. Was feeling stuffy but good enough to go into work today, and had a good, solid, productive day. Did not run errands; did not mail packages to deserving recipients; did not find suitable wrapping paper for items that were supposed to go into the packages. Did not get gas for the car. Oh well.

Now, one bit of pre-writing thinking, and then writing.

Kitten is tearing around the house in hot pursuit of The Cat and any Dog who catches her attention. Rampage mode.
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