Giles/Buffy washed out

20K words and counting

20123 / 50000

My daily progress has been fairly consistent, so I suspect I'm looking at a sustainable pace.

I skipped far ahead and wrote some of a much later section than the more-or-less consecutive bits I had been working on. It sprung me out of stuck-ness. And it was the first actual B/G-ishness in the novel. (Very late.) And I stuck a post in the sand about Wesley and where he'll be in the push toward the final climax. And now I sleep the sleep of an exhausted sick person. *blows nose again*
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Way to go, woman! I only got 10 words yesterday. But I'm singing a concert this week. So, not as much free time.

I did get to find out how an orchestral harp works, and examine one up close, and find out that the base price of such an instrument is $16,000 dollars (!). Having a small curious son can sometimes be cool. He found a spot in the concert hall in which to hunker down, read his comic books, and eventually, fall asleep. He says I owe him big time, and he is correct....

Feel better soon.

Had a coworker once who upgraded his cello to an $8000 one. My eyebrows went way up. Handmade items, and made in very small quantities, and quality really matters. Yow!