Bleahs and yays

My husband has thoughtfully shared with me his head cold. I went from 0 to 80 on the Viral Explosion scale in the space of about 3 hours tonight. Bleah!

Only 700 words of NaNo story written. Bleah! (Though at 17K words, I'm comfortably ahead of the pace.)

I took a Sudafed thingie to dry up the nose faucet. That worked. Now I am simultaneously awake and zonkie. Bleah!

The Dems took the House! Yay! They might actually take the Senate as well! I guess we'll know for sure when we regain consciousness in a few hours. Yay even if they don't, because darn, this was an improvement! California voters have rejected Prop 85, which was yet another attempt to make it difficult for minors to terminate pregnancies. Yay!
So sorry you're not feeling well. [hugs]
I thought the campaign against Prop 85 was well done, with its, "Well, yeah, your kid might be able to talk to you about something like this, but there are people whose kids can't" message. Even my dad, who would have usually voted for it without a second thought, hesitated on it.

Hi, btw. I'm Stacy. I friended you because you write nice fic. :-)
Heya! Hi. Yeah, I read your journal when you friended me, and figured out you'd just had a burst of Giles reading :)

The campaign was well-judged, yeah. It let the voters project all the icky behavior onto other people.
Hope you feel better soon. Head colds are nasty little beasts. Take consolation in the Dem victory and the fact that Rumsfeld resigned. Yeehaa!

Plus, AZ actually voted down both propositions to ban same-sex marriage and domestic partnerships. I think the Nazi anti-smoking laws passed though. I'm not a smoker but they have gone too far with this stuff.
The Calif tobacco tax stuff is starting to verge on inspiring the creation of a black market. I think all drugs should be legal if only because the social costs of the black markets involved are much worse than the social costs of the drug use. I mean, what the hell did Prohibition teach us, if not exactly that? (And I can make a personal liberties argument as well, but not everybody buys that one.)

I also suspect the average American of being way more live-and-let-live about other people's private lives than our politicians like to pretend.