Completely silly idea

I shall name all the minor characters in this novel after characters in Galsworthy. Not after Soames himself, of course. And "Jolyon" is too silly a name to be used casually. But Young Nicholas is a useful name. As is Jesse Hayman (brother Giles Hayman, alas, not a useful name). Imogen! Imogen married some perfectly boring sports-mad man named Jack Cardigan. Montague Dartie! Chankery! Septimus Small! Mervyn Waterbuck, QC!

I have no icons of the Eric Porter Soames. I must remedy this deficiency.
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It's, you know, Edwardian. The first novel is quite bitter and good. The others change somewhat, because they were written after the War and Galsworthy had begun to think that maybe there was something worthwhile about that pre-War civilization after all. I have an essay in progress on them.