Dear local politicians

Having Rudy Giuliani robo-call me does not make me want to vote for you. Having Rudy Giuliani robo-call me sends me into paroxysms of rage. Shall I explain why?

1) Robo-calls send me into fits of rage to begin with.
2) Giuliani is not from our fucking state.
3) It's shameless 9-11 exploitation.
4) Robo-calls send me into fits of rage.
5) In case you hadn't figured it out from our voter registrations and our donation habits, we will vote for a Republican at about the same time you exhume Teddy Roosevelt and run his zombified corpse on a ticket with a robotronic Eisenhower.
6) Robo-calls send me into fits of rage.

Thank you for your attention.
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Been there, done that, unplugged the fucking phone. It's only going to get worse before Tuesday.
I think we're gonna follow your example. Our friends all use email, so what the hell. We might miss a call from the husband's family, oh noes.
Glad to know I'm not the only one that finds this crap more than annoying.

I HATE THE PHONE CALLS FROM TAPE RECORDERS. Cough. I'm okay now. Just let me lie down with a damp cloth on my forehead...
I've gotten about four of those calls from the guy who runs a local grocery store chain here. Because, oh yeah, I always take political advice from my grocer. Plus, I already voted by mail and I am done! Since I live in a red state and democrats have about as much chance of winning as flying, I'm fairly depressed already. Pre-election depression. It's a bitch.
I just love going to the polling place. There's something about active participation the democratic process that makes me happy. I feel extra citizen-y, or something like that. Plus, I like the stickers.

I'm in the San Francisco Bay Area: we'll re-elect our Democratic reps. I see more Flying Spaghetti Monster stickers than I do Bush stickers some days.
I too have been getting the evil calls and feel your flying fit of rage! It should totally be illegal for them to do that. Doesn anyone in the whole country pick up the phone, hear a recording, and NOT hang up????

...what is a Flying Spaghetti Monster?
I prefer the invisible pink unicorn because I'm such a girlie girl.
I used to like to go too, but I just don't have the physical strength to do that any more. The voting by mail thing is still better than nothing.