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Oh noes! I'm tempted to write this

What is your name?
What do you think of Mr Sherlock Holmes?
What do you think of Dr. John H. Watson?
Which is your favorite Sherlock Holmes story?
The Adventure ofThe Stock-Broker's
. . . Coronet.
The problemis the sudden change in a respectable professor.
Holmesis fixated on what seems the trivial part of the affair,
and Watsoninforms Holmes that he is too late.
The culprit's words have already crossed Holmes's mind.
It turns outthat his secretary is his son.
This Fun Quiz created by Elizabeth at BlogQuiz.Net
Cancer Horoscope at DailyHoroscopes.Biz

With Giles in it, of course. And Ethan. And Giles brings Buffy back this time, and there is much comedy.
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