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So far, so good. And 7 hours left!

10286 / 50000

Have cracked the 10K mark on the NaNo story.
Have worked out.
Have calmly retrieved the kitten when she escaped onto the back deck.
Have added a feature to the BPAL tracking app when I was stuck with the writing.
Have discovered new music by Lanterna. E.g., the track I'm listening to now, "Venture". It's a bit more conventionally guitar-y than my usual. (No vocals.)

Have not done laundry or dishes.
Have not cleaned anything that needs cleaning. And many things do.

Currently watching the Cat spar with the Kitten.
Currently smell like 13.

The story is going acceptably. The prose is not great, but I am tripping over the points that need to be visited, and discovering things as I go. It's way more about fathers & sons and about religion than I'd thought. And Buffy has a lot to say. It's really a three-person show: Giles, Buffy, and Xander. Ethan keeps wanting to get involved, in the sense that Giles keeps thinking about him. I wonder what I'll eventually choose to do with that urge.
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