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Which guitar?

As you know, Bob, I am a maniac about specificity when possible. It is not enough to put Giles on a motorcycle, as I did in the recent Ethan story. He was on a Triumph, specifically a Bonneville, and yes I in fact knew which year and displacement. Not that it mattered. Also for that story, I figured out when Easter was that year, and where they'd be in the Anglican liturgy, and the Psalm quoted is one Giles might actually have heard on a Sunday in early May. No, really, I did this although zero readers noticed it. Because it made me feel better.

So let us return to the question of Giles and guitars. I have opinionated on this topic before. And in the single crappy ficlet in which I have him playing punk guitar, I put a Gibson SG Special in his hands, as a punkier guitar than the Les Paul or PRS I theorized about. (Ooh, slang mistake in that story.)

We see him playing a Gibson acoustic, which means he's not super fussy about his acoustics, or doesn't have the money to express his fussiness. But let's put an electric into Giles' hands now. Not a punk-y Giles, but a more traditionalist rocker Giles. Is it a guitar he's hung onto since his younger days or one he's bought as a more settled adult? Maker? Model? What's your answer?

The Giles of my current story is a strong traditionalist, and does not have a lot of money. He held onto the Les Paul Standard that Ethan stole for him in 1978. Which was an awful lot of fuss to reach an obvious conclusion.
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