Which guitar?

As you know, Bob, I am a maniac about specificity when possible. It is not enough to put Giles on a motorcycle, as I did in the recent Ethan story. He was on a Triumph, specifically a Bonneville, and yes I in fact knew which year and displacement. Not that it mattered. Also for that story, I figured out when Easter was that year, and where they'd be in the Anglican liturgy, and the Psalm quoted is one Giles might actually have heard on a Sunday in early May. No, really, I did this although zero readers noticed it. Because it made me feel better.

So let us return to the question of Giles and guitars. I have opinionated on this topic before. And in the single crappy ficlet in which I have him playing punk guitar, I put a Gibson SG Special in his hands, as a punkier guitar than the Les Paul or PRS I theorized about. (Ooh, slang mistake in that story.)

We see him playing a Gibson acoustic, which means he's not super fussy about his acoustics, or doesn't have the money to express his fussiness. But let's put an electric into Giles' hands now. Not a punk-y Giles, but a more traditionalist rocker Giles. Is it a guitar he's hung onto since his younger days or one he's bought as a more settled adult? Maker? Model? What's your answer?

The Giles of my current story is a strong traditionalist, and does not have a lot of money. He held onto the Les Paul Standard that Ethan stole for him in 1978. Which was an awful lot of fuss to reach an obvious conclusion.
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Most aspiring guitarists, if they have the means, buy the instrument played by the musician whose sound they most admire. Giles sings "Behind Blue Eyes" (The Who), "Free Bird" (Lynard Skynard), claimed to be a founding member of Pink Floyd to impress Olivia, and owned a Cream LP. You have a lot of choices there. My own inclination for Giles as a strong traditionalist without a lot of money? A Strat. Otherwise maybe I'd go for whatever Clapton was playing during his Cream stint - including your SG.
The SG is also a Townshend connection, of course. One argument for a Gibson is that guitarists are often brand-loyal (if they're not maniacal collectors)-- he might play a Gibson acoustic because he played a Gibson electric.

The Strat would be cheaper than most of the other options. And if he followed Clapton's career, he'd be hearing Strats. They're like cheddar, I think: single most popular cheese in the world!
If it makes you feel better, I did notice the specificness of the motorcycle. Have no opinion on the guitar, though, as have no guitar experience.
Oh, honestly you think I wouldn't notice a Trumpet? I did notice and enjoyed it. I also noticed the leather instead of oilcloth jackets. I just figured it would be too obvious of me to say anything about vintage Britbikes, kinda like Stanley and his pins in Going Postal... :)
I did this although zero readers noticed it. Because it made me feel better.

Quite right, too. I do this as well, and once in a blue moon a reader *does* notice, and it gives me inordinate pleasure :-)

I adore that "research" icon, BTW.