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Kitten-centric grabbag

I think I taught the kitten to play fetch last night. She's been chasing after one of her mouse toys when I throw it, and bringing it back to drop next to me on the couch. She's always been a Carrying Objects Around kitten. However, I have created a monster. This morning she woke me by bringing me a mouse toy and chewing on me until I threw it.

It's also clear to me now that I'm going to have to write this story with the kitten curled on top of me, purring. Because that's what she insists on doing. She follows me around the house and sets up camp wherever I am. She still prefers to sleep on top of my husband at night though. Which is good, because he keeps coming home with kittens that attach themselves to me. (He nearly came home with another kitten the other day. He went to the special vet to pick up the medicated food for Dimmer Dog, and they had a new batch of teeny kittens. Sanity prevailed. My husband has a very soft heart when it comes to animals.)

Cranky: I dislike "novel" as a verb. I'm happy to invent new verbs myself, but they must meet my rigid taste standards. Whatever those are. I confess I make them up as I go along.

Today I smell like BPAL Samhain. Which has a truly improbable pronunciation. My theory is that if you're going to show such utter disregard for the normal pronunciations of letters in the Roman alphabet, you can get your own damn alphabet instead. Oh. Right.

I need to find or make a wallpaper that gets me in the mood for this NaNo project. Season 2 or Season 3 Giles, somewhat fragile and burnt. With a dynamic Buffy. Council or perhaps Christian iconography. Hmm.
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