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The prologue is written. However, those were 3000 easy words, because I did have a previous draft of the prologue. (In the spirit of an old-fashioned new draft, I typed it again, and mostly wrote sentences afresh. Except for the ritual text, which I did not rewrite.) Though I guess since the original version was only 2K words, I did do some new thinkaging.

Bah. Whatever. I'm underway. I will not trouble you with daily word count updates. I'll probably note the tens of thousands milestones, but no others.
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What's up with your ZoKutou thingy? It went wonky.
Dunno. I didn't edit it or anything. I might guess that the NaNoWriMo load is causing their site to stumble.
The site is gone; you get an "account suspended" page when you visit. My money is on NaNo load being unexpectedly huge.
You go girl! I can't wait to read this.

You are going to let us read this when you're done, right?

*sniff, pout, chin quiver*
Oh yeah! It might have to go through a couple of drafts first, mind you. This stuff could be used in the dictionary definition of "crappy first draft". But it'll be a complete crappy first draft!