NaNoWriMo begins

And I'm off! Er...

Zokutou word meter
0 / 50,000
Okay, all right, room to improve...

Writing tasks ahead of me for the month:
- 50K words for NaNo, for which a general plan exists but nothing more.
- My CYA ficathon story, for which an outline exists but nothing more.
- Giles/Xander ficathon assignment, which needs to at least be thought about.

Fortunately I have the entire week of Thanksgiving off.
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You know those last few days of November, when you're bored stiff, you might want to finalize a peace accord in the middle east as well. :)
You are one ambitious girl.
Rightyho, then!

And I hear that your husband is going to be cannibalizing my SV for his track day. It's good that at least some part of my poor baby is going to be traveling around corners really fast.
Yep. I'm skiving off classes and going with him. I figure I'll just write things out pad and paper that day. But the last time I didn't go to a track day with him was the infamous *last* track day. (And don't think I've ever forgotten how you stepped in to help then, either...) I'm so excited he's finally getting back on it, but I'm going because I'd be in complete anxiety attack all day if I weren't there...