A much nicerer morning

I fixed my software problem. (Glaze, glaze.)

My BPAL Yule order has been shipped! (Jacobs Ladder, Midnight Mass, Sol Invictus, and Snow Flakes. Also, the Oct 2006 version of 13.)

There is nothing so terrifying in all the world as the trill a kitten makes the moment before it rushes at your face. And licks your nose.

I did get some writing done last night after all. A little story in the universe of the thingie I'm writing for NaNo. Giles and Ethan. By way of a character sketch. Hmm. Actually, since I'm not going to be using a bunch of material from the first draft of the bond thing (oh god, somebody please give me a title), I might post some of the more fun bits here. Any interest?
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Any interest in reading something you've written? Um, you're kidding, right? Yes, please!!!!
Interest? In "fun bits"? You're kidding, right?

I'm good at making up bad titles. That's why Summer never got a cooler name. How about "Intertwined Destinies"? Is that awful enough?

You didn't say it had to be good, anyway. Just a title. There you go, then.

Back to the salt, I mean, brick, mine.

Gah!! Maybe you should have a competition, for all those who aren't trying to write a novel next month. Or for all those who are hiding from it.
Nah, it'll come to me. Middle of the month, probably. I'll write some sentence that includes some phrase or other, and I'll be hit over the head with the right title. But boy, do I suck at titles.
Wow, you're getting your Yule order? I still haven't gotten my White Moon. I'm beginning to think there's a heirarchy to their shipping...

Bring on the fun bits!
I got my White Moon last week. It only took them two weeks to ship it. I was stunned. Their turnaround time is back to sane. Placed the Xmas/13 order on the 13th, so more like 17 days to ship that, but that's still quite good.

White Moon: love it, but it makes me sneeze. I'm going to have to give it away.