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Going a little meta

I have no joke here. I just like saying that I'm listening to a song titled "Knuddelmaus".

I was just reading a strict little "you may not alter my artwork or display it elsewhere" thing on a site full of images based on Buffy & Angel photos & stills. I had to laugh like a hyena. Good thing you ignored any restrictions on the original material when you made the art in the first place, eh? I could deal with a request not to alter, but a strict "you may not" displays a bit more chutzpah than a fan creator ought to have.

Sorry, didn't mean to go meta there. It just made me laugh.

Today I'm thinking about Xander a bunch, and how to write a complex & interesting Xander without straying too far from canon, or writing an improbable person. Just read the liz_marcs essay on fanon Xander. I haven't read a lot of Xander fanfic, so I'm not sure what the exact common mistakes are, though I can guess.

I don't really have a problem with straying from canon, so long as the characters are recognizably themselves.

Apparently there is a slowdown in Buffy fandom. The main reason given seems to be that the canon is closed, and it closed in an ucky place for many of the interesting character arcs. I guess this just doesn't affect me. I know what happened in season 7; I am ignoring it. I can ignore more than that! I can pick up my stories in season 3 and just follow that trajectory off, in merry disregard for the rest of canon. Doesn't bug me.

I'm interested in Watchers & Slayers, and in the Council. Canon wasn't, except in an inconsistent, poorly-thought-out, plot devicium sort of way. No problem! I'm heading off this way. Maybe you'll find it interesting...

The Buffyverse stories I want to hear have not yet been told by fanfic. As far as I know.

I'm also thinking about a work bug that is baffling the heck out of me. Though really it's time to switch to new implementation mode for mumble. Bleah. Am at home being hassled by the kitten. Husband is also home, with sore throat. He charmingly shared it with me.
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Apparently there is a slowdown in Buffy fandom.

There may be, but for myself (for example) I really only find myself drawn to write prolifically (for my own rather feeble value of "prolific") in fandoms for which the canon is closed, or close to it. (I wrote fic for Due South in the lengthy hiatus between the second and third seasons; I wrote most of my HP fic in the three-year gap between the fourth and fifth books.)

The earliest fandom for which I published fic had had a closed canon for over five years before I found it.

I *like* a closed canon. I like knowing what the limits are, and what's been said, and then I can go where I want to from there.

I don't want to tell the same stories you want to, but I can certainly understand your point of view there.
It's good we want to tell different stories. We'd be in trouble otherwise :) I do so love reading stories from minds that are different from mine.

I don't think I've ever written for a fandom that wasn't closed. I committed a very small amount of ST:TOS fic in the 80s, in my first brief brush with fandom. I have read a bunch of HP fic, during that long hiatus you mention, but never felt in the least tempted to write it. I read some B5 fic, let's see, while season 3 was being aired. Again, no temptation to write it.

Giles somehow pushed a button in my brain that characters I met earlier never pushed... I think he'll keep me busy for a while.
I've always thought that the point of fan fic was to follow your own version of things. What's the use in following Josh's vision since it's gone and we don't know where he would have taken it anyway. *sorry for the mini rant*

I got into Buffy late, my first show that I saw was Once More With Feeling, and I was baffled by her attraction to Spike. I felt the potential for Buffy/Giles was right there on the screen. Going back and watching eariler episodes only strengthened that feelilng. His continual insistance that he wasn't her father, her anger at catching him with Olivia. *sigh*

Well, they are together in MY universe, and that's all that matters.
I never understood the Buffy attraction to Spike either. I get why Spike is interesting; someday I'll have a Spike story to tell. But I do not get why Buffy made that exact vampire-as-lover mistake again. Descent into the pit; depression; self-destruction; finding a way to complete the suicide that Willow would not leave her to?