Morning update

When Mr P finally got home from work yesterday, he was all sore-throaty and ucky. We sat on the couch and watched the 2nd and 3rd Torchwoods on my Macbook. Drifts a little into skiffy territory a few times; the second monster was a Star Trek monster (which secretly means it was a Golden Age SF monster); the third story a rather standard "man was not meant to know the future" plot; but on the whole, pleasant. The fiddly bits, I remind myself: the fiddly bits are what make these re-creations of standard stories interesting or not. And so far, interesting.

Captain Jack is a bit too young & pretty for my taste, but there are worse sins.

Query: how is it that the Welsh policewoman protagonist whose name I have mislaid has not put together the clues about Cap't Jack's origin? Is this a case of "character must be stupid so that viewers can feel smart"? 'Cause I hate that.

This morning's reading is mireille719's Grief, Written on Skin, Giles/Wesley, post-Gift. A watcherlove ficathon finished this weekend, so there should be lots more yummy G/Wes to read today. But that one grabbed me hard, and I think I'm going to read it a few times more before I move on.

Today I am feeling very very guilty about series fic left unfinished or un-moved-forward while I do NaNo and start another long story.
Gwen: How would we know if she did figure it out? At the moment she's hiding everything from Rhys and everything about Jack from the rest of Torchwood. Who has she left to tell so we would see her thinking?
Also, she is still at 'wide eyed and overwhelmed' at the basic concepts.
So we don't know how much she has figured out, and it seems to me fairly understandable if she's had other things on her mind.
Yeah, that's a reasonable point. Particularly given how traumatic the most recent incident has to have been for her. I can also see how she wouldn't be particularly given to sharing things with the non-Jack members of Torchwood. I mean, share confidences with Owen? It is to laugh!

Eventually the not-talking-to-spousal-equivalent strategy should backfire in a nice conflict-inducing way.