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Today thus far

So far:
• Finished the aforementioned lists.
• Took long hot bath in the last of the Lush Flosty Gritter bubbles, under the kitten's watchful eye.
• In bath, read a couple hundred pages of Robin Hobb's Shaman's Crossing. A bildungsroman in another of her detailed worlds. Seems good so far.
• Started laundry.

• Finish laundry.
• Clean kitchen & bathroom. Perhaps pick up the clutter the husband has been creating in the living room.

I smell like BPAL's Punkie Night, one of the few scents Mr P has said outright smells nice. Possibly because it's quite recognizably apples & cranberries.

The husband recommended that I stop fussing so much over the NaNoWriMo novel plan and instead spend a few days just letting the brain relax and recharge. Read some of the pile of books that has accumulated over the last few months of writing-not-reading. Seems like good advice. I'll answer a few comments first, though.
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