I have accomplished two things so far today:
- Took a three-hour nap.
- Finished reading The Hallowed Hunt by Lois McMaster Bujold.

The nap was the kind you wake from periodically and say, "can I sleep more? yes!" and then you put your head back down into unconsciousness. Eventually the kitten woke me permanently by perforating my feet.

I am listening to yet another mix disk from John Digweed that I dislike. Eventually I will learn my lesson and stop buying them. His last collaboration with Sasha, Communicate, was amazing, but his taste has moved away from mine.

Writing this evening, I think.
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What did you think of the Bujold? (While I love the first two Chalion books, the third didn't work quite so well for me.)
I think I agree with you-- this one wasn't quite as good. I'm not exactly sure why not. The romance that went too easily? The various characters who figured things out too quickly and too early? (Hallana & her judge husband, in particular.) I don't regret reading it, mind you. It was a pleasant read.

I'm fondest of the first one, I think. Though first books in series always get that sensawunda/discovery advantage over their followers.