Dear lord! More iconnage!

icon banner

I think maybe I'm getting the hang of this. The icon is here if you want to snag it. With this one I figured out how to use overlay gradients to achieve certain effects. (I thought some of the other icons in that contest were way better than this, though.)
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My Photoshop chops slowly improve. It's scary: I now know all the keyboard shortcuts for the tools.
Hey, that's a beautiful icon, and I'll definitely be snagging when I get home from work! Many congratulations!! :-))
Ooh! wonderful -- I like the whole banner and I snitched my Very First icon when you so kindly offered it. I need to learn to make these. I have Ideas. What I haven't had is time or any clue about how to do it in Photoshop. I know Illustrator better because I use it in my work. I suspect that while the carpenters are busily finishing off my new basement garage/storage/studio space I will be happily upstairs alternating between learning Photoshop and working with my splendiferous new stereo microscope and engraving/carving tools. Yippee! Time to MAKE STUFF! Time to WRITE! soon, soon, soon, soon.......