Okay, let's make some classic Giles recommendations

I'd like to put together lists for buffyversetop5 classic recs weekend, five stories each. One for great Giles genfic, and one for five classic Giles pairings: G/Buffy, G/Xander, G/Wesley, G/Anya, G/Ethan. Though possibly I could also find five Giles/Buffy stories worth recommending all on their own. Or perhaps Five Giles Writers to explore?

Let's brainstorm this!

ETA: My final lists, after the cuts.

Five of my favorite genfic stories about our stalwart Watcher.

theblackmare: The Bird Bone Flute (WIP)
How did Rupert Giles come to be the kind of man who could train Buffy Summers to be the greatest Slayer in history? Blackmare picks up with Giles unhappily working for the Council, having crushed the greater part of his spirit down to atone for his mistakes as Ripper. The Council sends him off to collect documents from an abbey that will soon be closed, and his journey begins.

headrush100: "Free Will"
Giles, dealing post-Chosen, by wandering from one Benedictine monastery to another in Europe.

madpoetess: "The Waking"
Rupert Giles and... a tree.

meegat: The Vulcan's Bane series
Someone has finished reassembling an artifact that was reputed to grant immortality to its possessor. The first thing the artifact does, however, is kill two people. Someone rather unpleasant who knows what it truly is is after it, however. Can Giles solve the puzzle first? This story has two sequels, exploring what happens after the most inventive setup in the first.

Vatwoman: The Watcher series, Giles/OFC, FRAO in part (unfinished)
Giles, in England through season 6, and two ghost stories. And a vampire story. And the new friend that was so statistically impossible for him to have made.

Five stories pairing Giles and Buffy.

A. Manley Haight, Autumnal Equinox, FRAO
Buffy is called to participate a rite of passage coinciding with the fall equinox. But her mother won't let her, and the drive is beginning to be too much for her to take. Includes one of the hottest phone sex sequences I have read.

gileswench, "A Mile in his Moccasins", FRAO
The inevitable bodyswitch story. Buffy, grumpy with Giles for having left her to go back to England, doesn't listen to his pleas for caution, and the weird demon nails them. Can they each resist the temptation to make the other over? Can Buffy figure out where the off switch is on Giles' man-part? Can Giles cope with a day on the job at the Doublemeat Palace? And then...

Kris Wahlberg, The Transformations Quartet, FRAO (unfinished)
One of the big Giles/Buffy epics. Picks up where season 3 ends, and goes in a direction very different from canon. This Giles has a very interesting backstory with an evil Council.

Reni: Baby Love
Giles has come back from England to beg Buffy to let him retire. Just as he arrives, the Legion of Dim strikes with a new experimental weapon, and turns the four Scoobies into toddlers. Oh dear. Bath time, diapers, and Slaying all make for chaos while Giles & Buffy try to figure out what happened and get it fixed.

uberaeryn: "Raining on Sunday", FRAO
Cognac. Chocolate. Savoring. Signals.

Five stories with Giles paired off.

TweedEmpress: Et in arcadia ego, Giles/Jenny, FRAO
Giles goes on a short holiday to Mexico City on the Day of the Dead, and is visited by Jenny. He at last has a chance to tie loose ends with her.

glossing: "Make Way for Librarians", Giles/Xander
Giles doesn't have a car now that Spike smashed up the Citroen. Xander does.

janedavit: Behind Closed Doors, Giles/Spike, FRAO, dom/sub
Spike finds an interesting way to keep Giles from committing suicide after Buffy's death. And incidentally keep himself occupied.

47_trek_47: Tarnished, Giles/Ethan, FRAO
Giles is in England and adrift after leaving Buffy in season 6. Ethan is out to disprove Giles' theory that they don't have a relationship.

ljs: Investigations and Acquisitions, Giles/Anya
From my favorite G/A author, a stylish "comedy of manners, romance, and domesticity, and of demons and spies". Inspired by spy novels and classic mysteries. Includes some crossover with Spooks/MI:5.

Edited as I build the lists. Note that I welcome you to construct your own lists if you disagree with my choices! Post 'em to the community! The more great Giles recs, the better!
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wow, thanks, and since you asked....
I want to suggest "Free Will" by headrush100 and the "Vulcan's Bane" set by meegat for genfic. Also your own "Displaced Watcher". You know how I feel about "The Substitute" and "Brown Bottles" for G/X, although this is not a romantic pairing; oddly, it is more compelling and powerful than most that are romantic in nature.

There are so many by Wicked Fox, and there is one by Rari Coss called "Second Chances" that manages to be both G/E and G/B in a rather elegant way.

"Seeking Sanctuary" by Pythia comes to mind for B/G, and her wonderful "All Mimsy Were the Borogroves" for genfic.

To my delight there are a couple in your list I don't know, so I am scooting off now to read them....
Re: wow, thanks, and since you asked....
Stories published in 2006 are off-limits for these lists, by the way. Classic recs only this round! At the end of the year, the community will be open for 2006 recommendations.
elementalv, Isolated Elements, CSI crossover, slash
Am re-reading this now and remembering how much I liked it on first read, although I have never seen the crossover thing. Giles post-Gift has some grief issues to deal with.
Might I add gileswench's G/Olivia and G/Jenny fic to the list? She does B/G wonderfully, but she's the only G/O writer I've read and it's wonderful. She also writes some great Gen stuff.This is the link to all her fanfic.
You're Ruth? Wenchie sings your praises often. I keep meaning to read your fic, maybe now I will.
You're Ruth?

Mm-hm, that's me. I'll never forget Wenchie's first fb email to the very first Gilesfic I ever wrote, waaay back in August 2001. She began: "Ok, you have to keep writing..." so I followed her sage advice :-)
Crap, actually, I can't use that story: it was published in 2006. It's one for the 2006 rec list, though.
Getting my original list of stories into a comment so I can edit the post as I build the lists:

Kris Wahlberg, Transformations Quartet, G/B (unfinished)
tweedisgood, Debriefing, Declaration, and Decisions
A. Manley Haight, Autumnal Equinox, Giles/Buffy
theblackmare, The Bird Bone Flute (unfinished)
penwiper26, Shadow though it be series, Giles/OFC
malnpudl, Welcome Back and Naked, Giles/Buffy
Mariner, The End of the Beginning, genfic, HP crossover
Mea culpa for the dire punctuation in those early fics, before I got me a really strict beta...
I'm not going to try and make the nice, pretty links, but would like to toss a few into the ring for consideration.

Regarding Rupert by Wicked Fox (gen?)
This Time Around by Rainne (B/G)
A Different Life by Rari Cross B/G)
The Crime In "Passion" by Kathryn Pantaleo (gen)

Wanted to suggest "A Lifetime Of Summers" by Gilesbabe, but that was done this year
Ah! I was making a list last night before it got too late for me to think clearly. I see you've gotten most of the ones I was compiling-- Baby Love, Transformations Quartet. I'd add Anything by vatwoman-- the series she wrote about what Giles does that year away in England is beautiful:

The Watcher Series: Ghost Story, 127 Fountain Street, Ministers of Grace, Absolution Pt 1 (more elsewhere?)

I also would rec wickedfox's work, and the epilogues to episodes done by Gail Christison. The story I picked of wickedfox's is short and pretty self contained, but she does have some epics, too. Here are those links:

Watcher’s Keeper by Wickedfox

Epilogues - Gail Christison

Finally-- I'd forgotten just how much is out on ODD. In a way I'm sorry that it's not being updated any longer, because I can't get my old, inferior version of Summer off there. But the amount that's there is overwhelming. On the upside, anything contributed now would probably be of higher quality than some of the stuff from the past. I can't believe I once had time to st least start every one of the stories on that archive-- and finished all that were not so badly written they made my teeth itch.

Couple last links-- some Jane Austen parodies. The author calls one "Shamelessly plagiarized". I'll post the link-- I haven't had time to reread, and the boy is currently pestering me to death here. Certainly they're different.

2 Austen parodies: by Elle

Utterly seconding a vote for "anything by vatwoman" - amazing writing talent and a very well-realised, believeable Giles.

May I also recommend anything by mad_with_july, writing as "Athenae". See them all here. I first discovered her work as a diamond in the midden that is and brought her over to where the Giles-love reigns.
I think I might have arrived at a place where I need to write up per-story commentary and post the lists. The stories I am forced to leave off grieve me, but that's where you, yes you, come in.