Brief question

buffyversetop5 is now open for posting, and all sorts of lists are showing up. Lots of Spike, lots of Spuffy. (Though I note there's a Xander/Riley recommendation, which wins on sheer whackiness.) Is that what most of Buffy fandom is, the reanimated middle-aged bleached-blond corpse and Buffy?

This is a thing I do not get, the appeal of Spike/Buffy. I like Season 2 evil Spike a lot, mind you. As enemies go, he's fun.
I suspect you're seeing hate where none really exists. (Though meegat's experience doesn't sound like it was very pleasant.) In a sense the Spuffy thing represents a phase of the Buffy series that many people found disappointing. Season 6 was, after "Tabula Rasa", not very fun. Grinding misery for all involved, and what's more, a retread of a vampire-loves-Slayer plot idea that the series had already explored in seasons 2 & 3. Been there, done that, Buffy ought to have learned her lesson the first time.

My own take on it was that it was "too much Spikey chocolate sauce on not enough Scooby ice cream." And indeedy, JM is chocolate sauce. (And ASH is whipped cream, and SMG the maraschino cherry, and oh dear, this metaphor has come aliiiiiiiiiiive!) But too much chocolate sauce isn't a good thing, and the sight of two pretty people together does not make up for the lack of an interesting storyline.

So when I see Spike/Buffy, what I see is the decline of a television show that was fantastic indeed at its height. And the reminder depresses me.

But I also feel that everybody should have fun in fandom, and pursue what they like in it. And if Spike/Buffy does it for you, that's great. Everybody be happy! We won't be running out of electronics for the fanfic any time soon!