Brief question

buffyversetop5 is now open for posting, and all sorts of lists are showing up. Lots of Spike, lots of Spuffy. (Though I note there's a Xander/Riley recommendation, which wins on sheer whackiness.) Is that what most of Buffy fandom is, the reanimated middle-aged bleached-blond corpse and Buffy?

This is a thing I do not get, the appeal of Spike/Buffy. I like Season 2 evil Spike a lot, mind you. As enemies go, he's fun.
Is appearing at su_herald some kind of big deal? I had one of my overnight stories appear there; had no idea it meant anything. And if so, why couldn't they have picked a good story?

giles_watchers implies no judgement of quality. Sometimes we record some pretty crappy stuff. I take my fic recs seriously, however. I have fun with those, sometimes, with the thematic ones in particular.