Brief question

buffyversetop5 is now open for posting, and all sorts of lists are showing up. Lots of Spike, lots of Spuffy. (Though I note there's a Xander/Riley recommendation, which wins on sheer whackiness.) Is that what most of Buffy fandom is, the reanimated middle-aged bleached-blond corpse and Buffy?

This is a thing I do not get, the appeal of Spike/Buffy. I like Season 2 evil Spike a lot, mind you. As enemies go, he's fun.
I like Spike, up through mid season 6, for the same reason I like Spock, or Data, or Odo in the Star Trek franchise. He's an outsider, struggling with a very different role in the world after a century or so of being a Big Bad and loving it. The dualities to the character are cool. As are the ways the character illuminates issues we often take for granted, as he lets us see them through his unique viewpoint and confusion.

Buffy pairing up with him-- not so much. I love the dynamic with Dawn as a kind of little sister, and how Buffy's death kindles some kind of nobility in Spike, to protect people she cared about. But I agree that the writers left way too many holes in the scaffolding there, and spent way too much time on Sex to explore what were some really cool ideas, with an actor who could emotionally handle the possibilities so much better than DB could. Though he grew into Angel on his own show, the whole idea of him was very lame in the early eps.

And unfortunately, the fic I've seen is so much more "let's find some New excuse to get Spike in bed with (insert your sock puppet here)." A good bit of all fanfic does this, but it's so much more in canon to do it with Spike, because that's what the show itself did.

I'll have to look up some of my favorite fics from my hiding-from-outrageous-fortune days. A lovely Giles Jenny was my first intro to the genre: Et in Arcadia, Ego, I believe. I'll have to find it.

who thinks this kind of sharing of stories is a great way to revitalize a closed fandom....