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When antennae collide!

You get nifty Hubble images such as tomorrow's APOD.

Also, I have a serious weakness, utterly inexplicable, for angel!Giles, and wickedfox delivers the goods tonight.

Tonight I have tried two new-to-me BPAL scents:

Punkie Night
Apple orchards, bright cranberries, and a touch of warm cider.

Review: Apples and cranberries, yup! A little sweet and musty. You know what apple orchards smell like in the fall? The places you go where you buy apples in paper bags and opaque cider in plastic gallon jugs, in barns with bare wooden plank flooring and the scent of a hundred years of apple harvests? It smells like that. A lovely scent for a New England fall.

White Moon
These are the blossoms of loss and liberation, soothed by the calm, comforting scent of sandalwood: lilac, calla lily, wisteria, white sandalwood, moonflower, night musk, phlox, and violet.

Review: Sneeze. Sneeze. A lovely light floral, cold and white. But I'm allergic to something in it. Therefore I must give it away. Are those notes in this good for you, oh friends? Upsetting. I have learned that cedar in scents will also make me sneeze, which is distressing because it's in some of the incense-y church-y blends I otherwise like a lot.

Punkie Night is still available but White Moon isn't. The Lunacy scents are only available for a short window of time around the matching full moon. Which is like a business-school plan for creating cult interest in your products. And I am a total sucker for it: one of my very favorite BPAL scents is Schwarzer Mond, which was available only during August's black moon. This has been eating up my mad money for the last few months. Well, at least it's been making me very happy and giving me something to inflict on my friends.
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