Tonight was movie night with nemaihne, husband of nemaihne, and Mr Pedia. We saw Little Miss Sunshine at the Aquarius in downtown Palo Alto. (They are doing The Muppet Movie as a midnight movie soon. Can I resist?)

This movie, friends, was painfully funny. I wept.

Afterwards we had a very silly dinner at a Hawaiian place, along with silly drinks. Tragically they ran out of lychee vodka martini makings just after T ordered one.
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Resistence is Futile!

Also, so is spelling correctly...for me, at least.

What exactly constitutes a Hawaiian place? Do they make you wear leis? Sounds fun, anyway.
Hawaiian place: Husband ate spam sushi. I had ahi poke. A live band singing songs in Hawaiian. Plus, absurd decor like hula art on the walls. Definitely more downmarket than the swank-er approach you find at Trader Vic's, which is more of a pan-Pacific "exotica" experience. It was okay.
Ah yes, nothing says Hawaiian cuisine like spam. Hence the picture on the can with a ring of pineapple.
Sounds kinda like a Fear Factor dish, but I attribute that totally to my own dislike of both Spam and sushi. Looked at the website, seems like a cool concept. Will go check out the movie site, now!

Hmmm, reply is slightly more snarky than intended. Having snark OD this morning, don't mind me.
Just watched movie trailer. Looks VERY funny. I think I saw a review of it on tv a couple of weeks ago. Can't wait till it gets here!
I so badly want to see that movie. Not sure when I'll manage it, though. This town does not have conveniently located theaters. Bah.

Tragic indeed about the lychee martini! My favorite fancy sushi place makes an awesome drink called a lychee moon that I like to get as dessert. mmmmyummy.
Find a way to see it! Just incredibly funny. And it's so fun to see these things in theates with lots of other laughing people.