I like writing fic for my birthday

And it's sort of coming up. And I have no time, so the fic is probably going to be short-ish. But what should it be? The ridiculous fic I should write right now without thinking too much about it is…

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Ridiculous fic main theme

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Giles is pregnant! ABO fic followup.
6 (12.0%)
Giles was married! Past relationship, jealous Buffy.
5 (10.0%)
Giles is Willow's father! There is some hand-wavy explanation. Buffy is jealous.
2 (4.0%)
Giles is Xander's father! There is adorable parenting after an awkward adjustment.
5 (10.0%)
Giles has wings!
6 (12.0%)
Giles adopts a kitten! Possibly with Xander's connivance.
3 (6.0%)
Giles has an adventure on the TARDIS! With your favorite Doctor, whom you will mention in a comment.
7 (14.0%)
Buffy is pregnant! Giles is to blame somehow.
9 (18.0%)
Xander is pregnant! Giles is to blame somehow.
7 (14.0%)

Incidental details

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Snyder appears to disapprove.
4 (7.3%)
Ethan appears to commentate.
10 (18.2%)
Angel appears to glower.
4 (7.3%)
Wesley tries to help.
10 (18.2%)
There's a cat no matter which plot you pick.
13 (23.6%)
The cat is telepathic.
9 (16.4%)
Giles's car can fly.
5 (9.1%)

New Text Question

So where the hell have you been anyway?

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Time just sort of passed while I wasn't looking, you know?
9 (32.1%)
I got stuck in a pocket universe.
9 (32.1%)
There wasn't any shrimp.
5 (17.9%)
Did you know that node.js is kinda awesome?
1 (3.6%)
4 (14.3%)
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Kitten fic. With added Ethan. (Bonus points if Ethan IS the kitten. Salem Saberhagen, eat your heart out.)
If Giles flies, he should take Buffy with him and there should be major kissage.

But if the he goes off with the Doctor, it should be either Eleven (with River!) or an old school Doctor.

Ethan as a kitten would be hilarious. Chaos personified indeed.

I'd ask where the hell you've been, but you're in a start-up and that's like sinking into a personal black hole.
I favor Eleven but also think you should link the story to Giles's meeting with Two in the long-ago.
I vote for Nine and Giles in the TARDIS. The cat is a point of contention. Actually, there's a lot of contention (can you imagine those two in a room together?). A bonus appearance by Ethan would just add to the hilarity.

Don't mind me, I'm NaNo-ing and my brain is too shot for coherence. :)