Depressive surprise!prawn poll.

Man, I'm in a bleak mood today. Depressive and Marvinish and why do I bother with any of this? Everything I write sucks and nobody reads it and I'll never manage to scrape up the work ethic to finish my Big Bang story never mind write that original novel that I've had outlined for a year now and oh god I'm so depressed and there's this terrible pain in all the diodes down my left side and...

Yeah, shoot me if I keep that up any longer. Say something distracting. Or give me something to do.

Hey! wickedfox's latest Giles manip is cheering! (Borderline NSFW, which is obviously why I haven't looked at it yet. Cough.)

No, wait, that gives me an idea. How about a sudden!prawn poll? Note that I'm giving you your darn ticky boxes. Don't abuse them by picking everything.

Poll #1359775 FicPoll Mark XXII, surprise subtext edition

I want utterly shameless sudden prawn featuring:

some pairing you pick, based on the goodie-prompt winners.

With these goodies sprinkled in:

button-fly jeans

RPF is:

Only creepy if it's smutty.
Fine when it's about historical figures.
Totally fine at all times.
A tradition in fanfic: "Visit to a Strange Planet Revisited" is an early example.
Person, or persona?
Making me want to write something about the nature of celebrity and our reactions to it. Like maybe it's about the construction of public personas. But it's also like audio sampling, because--
Shut up and tell me where the good Fry/Laurie RPS is.

Jeremy Clarkson can only believably be shipped with:

A Lambo.
No, no, no, the Pagani Zonda.
The image of himself on film, going on and on about something.
I can't believe you want me to imagine Clarkson shipped with anything.

Separate fic journals are:

Wildly annoying.
Contributors to the problem of fic notification spam.
A solution to a problem that doesn't really exist.
A good idea, especially if they segregate all that wittering off where I don't have to read it.
A good thing, no snarky asides necessary.

Fic communities win over fic journals because:

I can watch them without having to expose my flocked entries to typically-insane writers.
More than one person can post to them.
Look, we can tell you're biasing the responses here.

The next TV show you should watch is:

Being Human
Life on Mars, UK edition
The West Wing, last 3 seasons
Something else, which I'll evangelize at you in the comments.
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I'm sorry it's been a bad day -- may there be happy prawny thoughts for you!
I am loving that "tenderness" and "courtesy" early runaway winners for prompts. Yay, flist of sweet thoughts!
I don't actually have an answer for the last item, unless you're not already watching Chuck, in which case you should be. I'm too tired to recall if I've read you mentioning it before. I just felt stupid leaving as many boxes unchecked and questions unanswered as I did, and I've not seen any of the shows you already have listed. Which I guess means that I fail.
No, you do not fail! You are win! Because I watched the first two episodes of Chuck and enjoyed them, which means that I should consider watching the rest of Chuck and enjoying that too.
Oh. Yay! Yes, you should. Clearly that was what I meant to say all along, and my other comment was just a smokescreen!
I realized the other day that RPF was some of the earliest fanfic I read, because "Visit to a Strange Planet Revisited" is RPF, and it was in that Star Trek: The New Voyages fanfic anthology. And it's charming and funny and I can't imagine anybody being disturbed by it. The image of Scotty (a "real" Scotty) pointing a phaser at Leonard Nimoy and announcing that he can see where the ears went on is just too wonderful.

FQ: wow, yeah, RPF, now that you make me think about it. Sort of the way Shakespeare's historical plays are RPF-y, in that they were supposed to remind people that the current monarch is related to those people.

Oh, watch Bones so I know someone will write me the Hodgins/Zack and Hodgins/Zach/Angela I want to read. And Bones turning Booth on to the joys of submission--to her.
No, dwd, I did *not* write that.

Oh man, I like Booth but he is *so* vanilla. And who better to fix that than Antenna?
Mmm, I love corrupting a vanilla guy. The outrage! The intrigue! The ...pony play? :)

P.S. Love your icon!
Also the show is like really good fanfic, in that it is profoundly cracky, kinda campy, and gives you all the weird interpersonal moments you normally have to go to fic for.

Also Bones rocks, and Emily Deschanel is square-jawed, rough-voiced and of the hotness. Also either Boreanaz's acting skills have improved, or the role just fits him better. Also everybody seems to be secretly crazy and/or gay.

Also it's funny.
Wow, you are really selling this show to me. One of my coworkers was also trying to convince me that I'd love it, and that this was the role for Boreanaz, really, so okay! on the list it goes.
Yes, that's an excellent description of the show. And while DB will never be Hawt to me (that T.J. Thynes' job), I think he *has* learned some skillz, *and* Booth is a better role for him than Angel, and I like Booth very much as a character, I person. I actually ship Bones/Booth hard without necessarily wanting to read teh prawnz.

Obviously I need a Bones icon that has to do with the show. *g*
Well, sheesh, yes, that should have been on the list! I'm still sort of in shock about hearing ASH say the things he said in that first clip he linked to. Yow.
Hmm. I've never read it so I don't know if it could work, but how about Buffy/Giles/Xander/Spike? Orgies are good for random acts of prawn right?
I will ponder this enticing scenario, and think of Buffy's extreme luck to be in the middle of it all. She could handle 'em. Assuming Spike doesn't pick fights with the other two. She could probably handle that, too.
Hee - I can't believe I'm the only one (so far) who says RPF is fine any time. Well, I'd be a hyprocrite if I didn't. After all, there's a nearly invisible distinction between writing Rodney/John and Hewlett/Flanigan, as I'm using the images of the real guys anyway to write my fic. It's not real, SGA's not real ::sniffs:: and whatever weird stuff we subject the actors to isn't real either. Although I do recall someone bringing this up as an ethical concern (what - a decade ago) because we are using the template of real people and superimposing our fantasies onto them.

As for shows to watch, I just watched the first three eps of Dollhouse tonight. I'm glad I watched it in one go, because otherwise I would have been bored and probably pissed off. It's just at the end of the third one that we get the clearest indication that Echo's going outside of the box of her programming. Nonetheless, the show is pissing me off. Half the time I'm wondering who was that, what's going on and deciding if I need to pause and watch over.

Anyway, good luck with being distracted.
Huh. I watched the third ep of Dollhouse tonight, too. I missed the first ep (but watched the second a few nights ago) and am I am completely at sea as to what's going on.
See if you can get it via alternate means, because most of the premise is presented in the first ep, with #2 and 3 being variations on a theme. Well, I'm glad to see that I'm not the only confused one. Though what was Joss thinking (hey, we like to ask that), that we'd stick around the whole season precisely because we're confused?
The entire setup is introduced in the first episode, which is structurally weird because of all the exposition it slogs through. Select the rest of this comment to get the possibly-spoilery summary:

Dushku's character, Caroline, was in some kind of trouble and signed herself semi-voluntarily over to be a body used by the Dollhouse. The Dollhouse dolls are wiped clean of personality and memory then reprogrammed to meet the requirements of their ultra-wealthy clients. The major use is prostitution, and we see a lot of that along with Dushku T&A. The other uses are for high-risk semi-criminal violence (hostage negotiator) and for odd conjunctions of talents (bodyguard for an R&B singer). The dolls are named like military letter calls: Dushku is "Echo". "Alpha" seems to have gone off the rails and killed a lot of people for some reason. Meanwhile, a strong-jawed FBI agent is pursuing the Dollhouse despite being mocked by his peers.
Yes-- the moment of communication between Echo & Sierra at the very end was the only moment I felt interested in the show at all. But... why did I have to wait that long? I cared about Buffy-the-character immediately.

Oh. My. God. Are they seriously allowed to say that? On, well, what I'm assuming is not premium channels? I must watch this show!
You need to watch Hustle, even though you'll probably be much more distracted than I am by the implausibilities of the scams the main characters run. But it's so shiny! If you like capers and con games (in fiction) you will enjoy this show. I can *cough* hook you up, if you wish.

The show is awesome because it's about a tight-knit group of people who are fantastic at what they do... which is con people. Their rule of thumb is "you can't cheat an honest man - only one who wants something for nothing." Ash is my favorite character - he's the fixer, the one who figures out how to beat alarms, procure clever fakes, and jigger roulette wheels. He's also the supporting-character man who's usually called on to portray Dutch building experts, laconic American film directors, or drunken squatters. (And there's a half-conceived Buffy crossover lurking in my mind, in which young Ash and Ripper got up to some wild times...)
I believe so... though from what little I've heard (and the less that I've seen) of Leverage, the makers are at much, much greater pains to make the protagonist of Leverage A Good Guy tm, while the makers of Hustle, aside from the "can't cheat an honest man" line, invite you to enjoy the dishonesty and honor-among-thieves.

And really, what's not better with British accents and the occasional semi-gratuitous Bollywood dance number?
oh, and
RPF is creepy if you get tinhatty about it... see "Dominic and Elijah are showing us by their choice of ties that they are SoInLove!! and ZOMG!Oppressed!" Otherwise, like any fic, mileage varies by the matchup or lack thereof between the reader's kinks and squicks and those of the writer.
Re: oh, and
LOTRIPS fandom scares the hell out of me. Though possibly that's because some of the wankiest wanks that were ever wanked seem to come from there. It's on the list with Supernatural in the "source material might be lots of fun, but omg the fandom."
I'm sorry you're down. *hugs* Hope you break from the blues soon.

Clarkson loves the sound of his own voice so naturally you'd have to ship him with himself. Though I'm not beyond admitting a passing naughty thought of Hamster, Capt. Slow and Jeeza getting totally lit and silly together.

And thank you for pimping my lil' pic. *double hugs*
I am informed that I am going to hell for the sin of enjoying the idea of the three of them stumbling around intoxicated and getting into trouble.

Your pic in fact inspired the sudden prawn concept, so... thanks for making it and sharing it! As always.
You left off "RPF is sort of creepy but I can't seem to stop reading it!"
I'm, um, sort of in that stage myself. *shifty eyes* Except that there's a category of RPF that almost nobody would object to, I suspect, including the people who ticked "creepy". The Beatles in A Hard Day's Night: that is RPF any way I can think to define it.
Dude. D00D!
You already made a promise to me to never, ever slash the Top Gear guys. Go check your comments.
But Jeremy Clarkson is on record on film as saying he was sexually excited by some random Alfa Romeo or other. Slashing him with a car is just the next logical step!

Though really since he's in love with the sound of his own voice, that's the only believable choice for him.