My Sunday afternoon

The Kitten, no longer kitten-sized, but instead six pounds of stubby-legged Cat, is sprawled across my chest. Probably she wants her dinner early. Since she managed to coax three driblets of cream from her human saps earlier today, I say nothing doing.

She will continue to lie with her head against my neck, impeding my typing, until fed. That's the arrangement.

1) Eddie Izzard, Dress to Kill. Yes. Funneh. Man, why didn't you guys tell me about him sooner? Like five years ago or something? Mr Pedia laughed and laughed.

2) A bath. Lush's Hot Milk. No reading because my husband talked to me about writing and nerves straight through it. Yes, dear, I get it already: you think I should be writing my own stuff. We also talked about remix angst.

3) West Side Story. For the first time. Don't ask me why I've never seen it before. I'm not sure I like it. The score is... unsettling. All those tritones.

4) Remixes! remix_redux has the remix stories! My anonymous-until-next-week remixer picked one of my very favorites to remix. Read it over there: "Dragon Heart". In which the UST goes less U.

And when you have read that, you can read the other stories with Giles in, and then maybe branch out to Buffy stories generally. Hey! Two Swordspoint stories!

The approved game is for you to attempt to guess which story is mine, and for me not to tell you until next Sunday, when the reveal is. My remixee-victim seems to have liked mine. This makes me happy and a little embarrassed that I panicked about it so badly.

5) Related: have been playing some mash-ups for my husband. I pointed out two cases where the mashup significantly improved on the rap song half of the mash. Both of these were inspired mixes by DJ Mei-Lwun. "Sweet Home Country Grammar" is so freakin' much better than the Nelly original. Check it out.

6) New Heroes tomorrow night! I'm letting my anticipation engine rev up now.
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I know, I know! I just remember this teeny weenie 5-week-old kitten sound asleep against my neck. She's so huge now!

I want a real dog. None of this 5-pound Yorkie nonsense. I want something that's bigger than the newspapers they're pretending to fetch.
You were one of the hints that I should investigate him. I knew you had a bunch of odd Izzardian icons, and that therefore he was of interest. Took me a while to get there. I am slow!
Dress to Kill is one of my favorite DVDs. I can't believe you didn't know about it.
My coworker J lent it to me a couple of months ago, after I'd seen some Izzard on Youtube. (I think you pointed me to it? So you may cover yourself in glory!) God. Funneh. Deadly. "Look of quoi."
That's right, I did! *rolls in glory*

*gets it in eyes*

Ah, god, my eyes, my eyes! *runs about screaming*
Whoo, yeah! Sweet Home Country Grammar rocks. Thanks for pointing it out.
I got a few other mashups I like a lot, but that one is a real corker. Do you have the NIN/Closer vs the Beatles/Come Together mash?

(I owe ya some email. Later tonight...)
No, I don't. Care to pass it on? *makes sweeteyes at you*

Thanks for letting me know you got my email. :)
Also, did you happen to grab Dean Gray's Dr. Who On Holiday when I uploaded it? It's not a mashup, just the original song with a twist, but it pleases me.
I have the whole Dean Gray "American Idiot" mash album. If you do not, I can provide. There are some other good tracks.
Not just yet, but thank you. :) I've got a couple of others from it, but I don't enjoy them as much. I'm not usually much of a Green Day fan. If the others grow on me later, I may take you up on it.

(OMG, I am also loving "Jesus Walked Back and He's Black.")
I changed my mind. I do want the rest of American Edit. :) My interest in mashups has gone through the roof since this conversation, and I just discovered Boulevard of Broken Songs. Mmm.
Awesome! I <3 the mashup.

Okay-- I'm gonna put together an archive of all the remixes I have, with the exception of the ones I'm sure you have and stick it up on sendspace. Prolly by the end of the afternoon. Er, my time.
I'm uploading it now. 500MB, taking forever to upload because my cable modem link is asymmetrical. I'll ping ya with a link when it's done.
Cool, thanks! Let me know if there's anything I can give you in return. Not that you really know what I have...
I feel like this makes me a bad geek, but I can't figure out how to open the .zip files. If they need to recombined, I'm not sure how to do it.
If your zip utility can't handle multi-part zip archives, you should be able to just concatenate the two files and unzip that. It might be just that they're not named something your archive utility expects?

Urf. Had to break 'em up at 300MB because of sendspace limits.
Yeah, I figured the sendspace limit was the problem. My archive utility is just giving me funny looks. I'll see what I can do...
NEW HEROES TONIGHT!!!! (dances around madly in antici............pation of more Hiro!!!!)

(makes popcorn and settles in so as not to miss a moment) What's that you say? It's not on for eleven and a half hours? Too bad. I'm not missing a freaking NANOSECOND!
Heroes! Hiro! Ninth Doctor! Peter flying! Tonight! Wheeeeeee!

WTF was with that 7-week hiatus, anyway? Why?
Dressed to Kill is hilarious. "We've got a better idea! Oh, it's the same idea, the same idea . . ." and "I'm a fucking squirrel!" never fail to crack me up.

Re: your talk with Mr. Pedia: The whole fanfiction vs. original fiction thing is always interesting to me, mostly because of how differently people view their fanfiction. For some people it's very much about getting some practice and confidence before writing original fiction. For others (like myself) it's a little different than that. Fanfiction's my hobby. I have a career, and while I certainly won't rule out writing an original novel someday, right now I like the low-stress environment of fanfiction. And the community, which is vastly different from what you get when you write original stuff. It's not necessarily about nerves, but more about what you want from your writing, I think.
The low-stress environment is what sent me to fanfiction. I needed to end a decade-long neurotic block with writing. (Must knock everything out of the park, you know. None of this solid singles to right business.) My intention was was to use it as a place to build skills and confidence. And it has certainly paid off for me!

My husband thinks I should now move on. I think writing fanfic is fun and that I don't so much want to move on as branch out.

I want to be read and to be entertaining. Fanfic scratches that itch partially.
Yes! It's fun - and original writing can be too, but it's a lot harder to get that itch scratched with it. Instant gratification, yo.

(Though it could be said that I'm just being selfish, because I would a sad, sad panda if you gave up writing fic.)
I love Eddie Izzard! You can find lots of his performances on the net. Also, he's in a new drama series that's excellent.

Who knew that Giles lovers would also like Eddie iIzzard? :)
Hey I did my first giles watchers post. Plz to look and see if I did ok? ^_^;;