Oh noes! Icon meme!

secondalto said her favorite of my icons is this one, of Giles with flaming baseball bat in "Passion". It's by marina_angel_.

Reply here and I'll tell you which one of your icons is my favorite and why. Mostly this is an excuse to stare at people's icons.
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*waves* I'll play.

That Passion one is mighty nice. *admires*
Hmm! Many fine icons there, but I think my favorite is Laughing Tony by Glim:

I like that it's b&w, that it has no text, and that it has that ragged photo-print sort of border. (Looks a bit like a medium format print, which is always cool.) Plus, ASH is a handsome devil, and I believe giggling is his natural state.
*happy bounce* That is a favorite of mine as well. Glim makes v. nice icons. :)

I believe giggling is his natural state.
I agree.
I love these two a lot:

But I think my favorite is this one:

For all three it's the coloring that attracts me. Desaturation and restricted palettes. And I love the glowing light on the third, the way his hair shines.
This one of Tinker rocks:

And several of WickedFox's are ones I use as well! But I think I like this one of Dawn by dragonydreams:

It's the color that catches my attention: all that glowing honey-brown. And it's a nice portrait of her.
Tinker was so tiny when I took that photo. He's almost doubled in size since then.

I really like that shot of Dawn too.
Ooh, a tough one. You've contributed many of the icons I use, and some of those are my very favorites. I'm partial to Watcher Kink:
Watcher Kink

For the concept & the b&w execution. The type is also good (lots of contrasts: red big mixed case, white smaller all caps). But I think my favorite is Buffy Defiant, for sheer drama:
Buffy defiant
ooo, thank you! you know, i don't get to use the watcher/slayer kink one often enough, sadly.

and i think the hardest part of this meme is that people have so many great icons... and as far as my own go, i love them so much they're like little kittens i want to bundle up into my skirt and pet all at once. (in other words, i love your choices too!)
That's Sam (sticking out his tongue) and Dean Winchester from Supernatural. And yes, they are very cute.
Ooh, the Avengers album cover is neat:

And so is the Deepest Deep icon (more with me liking the ones with restricted color palettes):
Deepest Deep

But I think Ripper Watching is my favorite, for the contrast of the figure against the background, bursting out of the implied frame:
Ripper, watching

This meme is my favoritest ever, I think. I have looked at many fine icons this afternoon, and avoided much work!
Hurrah for looking at pretty pictures. :-)

(I'll use the Ripper one even though I snagged it more to look at it than use -- I dislike sharing icons, because it seems so counterintuitive to share an identifying mark. However, for that icon I made an exception. :-)
First I want to call out these two:

When we were very youngGive him a scone

When we were very young, we wore absurd dresses and had longish hair and had secret threeway trysts in the library. And the second one captures an aspect of the early Buffy-Giles relationship that I love. The look on her face is wonderful. But this is my favorite:


Giles in the mode I love best (early seasons librarian), lovely tone, cropping and lighting that show off his angular face and the line of his jaw. Lord, but that's a handsome man.
Hey, hey. Replying here.

Of your icons, your favourite is mine too. That is one of the, if not the, most kick-ass moments in the entire series. I *heart* the flaming baseball bat.
And the nod goes to redshirt Giles!

Though the icon you used for your comment (close-cropped Anya) is mighty fine as well!
Three stood out for me:
angry puppet Wash eyebrow Green sweater head-tilt

Oh, man, that Wash eyebrow! Yum! But the nod goes to an icon I also use that I love ridiculously: solemn green sloppy-sweater head-tilt Giles, by katekat1010.
Well, I do like that one an awful lot. Especially as it's the icon I use for Collateral Damage...
Never too late! I'm a big fan of your Trek icons (as you know from the 5 guilts meme, am a big pushover for original Trek). But I think the two icons of yours I like best are these two. Both black and white.

I think the nod goes to Hermione. I like the original photo of her, and I like what you've done with the frame. I don't often go for the heavy framing icons, but maybe it's the angle that makes this one work for me? Nifty, I think.
(oops, just realized I'm crazy and Hermione is not B&W, but also not very colorful, which I do like.
LoL, it's close enough to B&W! You actually hit on something I was trying with the pic, which I've done for a few of them. I love coloring black and white photos. It's a thing leftover from when I actually used to take and develop my own B&W photos years back. I got a kick out of hand coloring some of them.

So, for that icon, I desaturated it and tried making it look like it was a colored black and white photo...if that made sense, lol. The icon I'm using here is actually black and white and I added color to it.

I don't usually go for huge borders or frames, either, but it just seemed to want something. It was a spur of the moment decision, glad you liked it.
I am fond of Evil Giraffe (or "evil urge-affe" as Mr P & I would said in private language):
Evil Giraffe

And Gromit with a rolling pin is a lovely image that communicates an important sentiment:

But my favorite is Darcy stomping:
stomp stomp stomp

Perfect marriage of text and image. I love that the stomp-stomp-stomp scrolls off on both sides, implying ongoing stompage and not some mere single foot-stamp.

(I also like your Brian icon and the posts you associate with it.)
Okay, lots of neato ones by eyesthatslay there, including "that was quite uncalled for". But I'm going to yield to my own OTP urgings and go with this one:

That's one of my favorite little moments between them, and Buffy comforting Giles is a bit of a bulletproof kink of mine. She looks so cute, too.